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Rankin Educational Services

Is Closing Permanently December 23rd 

Not Accepting New Clients 

Final Message,
Thank You 

After over 15 years of tutoring children with exceptional learning needs, I have decided to close my business Rankin Educational Services. I have had the opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated educators who share my vision that all children can succeed with the right support. My clients have taught me more about education than I have taught them.

My focus now will be on providing free educational opportunities to children who need more support than they can currently access. I will also continue my volunteer work with Interval House, Extend a Family and other organizations throughout Hamilton.


Thank you for all the support I have received since I began this business just a hope and a $5 online ad all those years ago. I could not have done this work without the support of my family, friends, clients, tutors and especially my students.

 Follow my personal account for updates on what I am doing and for how you can help ensure all children have access to the services they need. @carolynrankinboutin


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