E-learning is difficult for students with complex learning issues.

We want to support families, no matter what choice they make and we have a variety of options.

Homeschooling/Online: If you choose to continue to teach your child at home for the safety of your family, we have homeschooling options that support your child at home through a curriculum and online tutoring. We can do three sessions a week plus daily check ins and support throughout the day if necessary so that you can be the parent and we can support and instruct your child during Covid.

We will keep in contact with your child’s teacher to ensure your child is doing all of the work they need and to help accommodate your child’s learning issues.  We also supplement the curriculum they are receiving at school to ensure that when they return they have had the growth they need to succeed at the next level.

Distance Learning Support: If you are choosing to do distant learning we can continue to support your child through online tutoring. Our tutoring will help your child complete the work and keep you and your child organized. We will work with your child’s teacher to ensure that your child is able to keep up with their peers that are attending in class. We will also make sure that your child is receiving the necessary accommodations

Online Tutoring for Children Attending “In Person.” For safety reasons, we may choose to only offer only online tutoring for your child. Our online tutoring will encompass all that our usual tutoring offers. We will also offer check ins, homework specifically created to help your child progress and frequent communication with your child’s teacher.

In Person. Our traditional way of completing tutoring but using important safety measures (masks, hand washing/disinfecting and 2m distance). The most successful way of doing this is to use technology.

Click here to email use to set up online tutoring. Let us help!