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Catch Up From Covid

The Issue

The United Nations have already called the pandemic a “childs’ rights crisis” as children often struggled to access learning. This is not at all surprising to anyone who works with children. Parents already know the impact Covid has had on their child’s learning. Initial studies by the Science Table indicate the disruptions to learning have had “multi-dimensional consequences” including impacts on children’s well-being.

For children with learning issues, the ramifications of this pandemic are even greater. Educators already know and have indicated that,, “Given the school interruptions and closures associated with the pandemic, children who were already behind their peers academically and (or) who require special services and supports to succeed academically are likely to be particularly affected” (Clinton 2020; Masters et al. 2020). Students with unique learning needs who did not respond to virtual learning often had little connection to the curriculum. Teachers struggled to diversify the learning strategies while online like they may do in the classroom. Further exacerbating the issue, teachers had trouble supporting children one on one through virtual learning. Students with learning issues struggled to learn and master the curriculum due to lack of support and the difficulties with remote learning and physical distances.

Initial research into the impact in Canada suggest higher level secondary school failures and lower scores on assessments and standardized tests. Young readers seem particularly affected. Anecdotally, teachers that I know are reporting that their students are not able to keep up with the appropriate curriculum for their grade and that they are spending too much time reviewing concepts that should have been mastered.

My Solution

Children have also missed out on many summer traditions and fun activities due to shutdowns. I still believe Summers should involve vacations and fun family activities.

I have designed the catch up program so that your child only has to participate in

two, 1 hour sessions per week (not including weeks your family is on vacation)

The sessions will focus on:

· reviewing the key math concepts from the previous years’ curriculum

· previewing next years curriculum

· building reading comprehension skills with both fiction and nonfiction texts

· developing writing skills and teaching your child how to effectively self edit

The programming is personalized to fill the gap that your child might be experiencing while leveraging their strengths to make quicker gains.

If you think this program can help your child have a better chance of success at school, please book a free consultation today by calling (905) 630-6368 or email at

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