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Help Your Child Combat Stress!

How to Help Your Child to Deal with Worry and Stress

1. Help model positive ways of dealing with stress. Talk to your children about your stress in your life in a child appropriate way and then tell them how you deal with it. For example, “I had a really hard day at work today. So, I’m going to go for a walk. Do you want to join me?”

2. Praise the process not the final mark.After your child studies, praise their hard work. Then if they get a positive mark reframe it with, “I bet you got this mark from your hard work. That’s what matters to me.” If they do poorly on a test you can say. “We’ll use this information to help us next time but I am still proud of how hard you studied.” Over time, if you are consistent with this messaging, they will be less concerned about test performance.

3. Get prepared and packed the night before.School mornings can be really tough, lunches to pack, kids to dress, homework to check and agendas to sign. I know how tough it is amongst activities and such to do this ahead of time. However, if children can wake up slow, enjoy breakfast before walking to school it can get help reduce the tension.

4. Talk them through their stress. Talk to them while their calm about the things that stress them out. Help them breakdown their concerns, reinforce that you believe they can face their concerns, and check in regularly as they deal with the things that stress them out.

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