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Helping Your Child Prepare For September.

This year is new territory for all of us and there are still many questions without answers. There is so much we can do to help children prepare for September.

1) Speaking Positively and With Confidence About School Staff

When talking with your child you can tell your child, “I don’t know the answer but your teacher and principal will be there to help you.”

2) Build Up Their Confidence.

If your child brings concerns to you, validate them but also assure your child they can deal with it. For example, “I know you’re worried about getting sick but I trust that you will wear your mask, follow instructions and wash your hands which will help you stay healthy.”

3) Remind Them About The Things They Love About School.

At this point in the summer, especially having been away so long, they may be thinking about all the negatives about school. Remind them of the things they will love. You might say, “You will get to see your friends, maybe make some new friends and you’ll get to have art class again.”

4) Share How You Are Tackling Your Own Concerns.

Modelling how to deal with concerns will help your child deal with concerns. “I am also worried about another outbreak. I remind myself that I can only control myself and follow the guidelines of specialists. When I feel anxious, I do some deep breathing.”

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