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Improving Your Child's Writing During Covid

Last week, I spoke about the importance of building your child’s skills before the end of the year. That article focused on reading. This week I will focus on how to improve your child’s writing during this time. This article is intended for junior-intermediate level learners (grade 4–10).

Before your child can really progress in their writing, they need to progress with their typing. There are literally hundreds of free online typing programs. It doesn’t take a lot of time to have a great amount of progress — just 15 minutes a day. The easier it is to manually get the words out, the more likely they are to write.

To build on spelling, turn your child into a scribe. For instance, dictate out to your child a spelling list and have them write it down. If you have a visual schedule in your home, have them write it out. This will build writing skills and won’t feel like homework.

Journals are a great way to get your child writing. If your child is hesitant, you can do it with them. You sit and write in your journal while they write in their own. You can also make this time special by having a tea or a snack together that they enjoy. Put on music they enjoy, as well.

Write about 20 or so writing topics on a small piece of paper in a jar. On nights they don’t have homework, have them pick a topic out of the jar. If your child enjoys being silly, as most children do, make some of the options silly and fun.

Teaching editing and revising. With your child’s homework, make a copy, and in detail go over their mistakes while showing them where they could add/improve . Talk aloud about the changes you’re making and why you are making them. After doing this several times, have your child do it themselves and guide them through the process.

These tips will help your child become more confident in their writing and increase their ability to complete their school assignments with greater proficiency.

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