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Protecting Your Child's Mental Health

At home learning has been really tough on everyone, especially children. There are proactive things you can do to help protect your child’s mental well being during this time.

1) Make sure your children stay active.

Work with your children and their schedule to find a time to stay active and get their heart rate pounding. Usually children are running around like demons on the playground and now they’re sitting inside. A walk at lunch is great for the body and mind, or there are a lot of video games that require activity. Personally, I love the game Just Dance (as I have mentioned before).

2) Set up connections with family

It’s hard for students to interact with family they can’t see via the phone or Zoom. I suggest playing a trivia game together online or have Chrome party and watch a movie together and be able to chat while it’s on. Family and connection is important.

3) Try to have a routine.

Kids with learning issues thrive on routine. It’s so hard right now and it feels like another big task on an already full plate. However, all the work you put into building these habits and routines helps out in the long run. Children have less anxiety when following routines, which is why great teachers have those routines throughout their day. Children might be missing that sense of routine now that the world is topsy turvy.

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