Carolyn Rankin personally helps advocate for your child.

We help advocate for:

  • resources and accommodations

  • better constructed IEP

  • with the school and your child's teacher.

  • coordinate resources

What We Offer

All of our services are geared towards students with Learning Disabilities, NVLD, ADHD, Anxiety/Depression and/or High Functioning ASD


Our Tutors are  Certified Teachers or College/University Professors

We accept students from JK-Post Secondary

Our Tutoring Focuses on:

  • Building Core Skills

  • Helping with Homework

  • Increasing Grades

  • Reducing the Symptoms of Learning Disabilities/ADHD

  • Developing Study Skills

  • Mastering the Curriculum

  • Improving Confidence

  • Reducing Anxiety


Our Counsellors are Psychotherapists, Social Workers & Child & Youth Workers


With the goal to help our students:

  • Cope with Stress

  • Develop Confidence

  • Tackle Anxiety

  • Develop Appropriate Social Skills

  • Behave Better in Class and At Home

Our Clinicians are licensed Speech Pathologists or Occupational Therapists

They help develop:

  • motor skills

  • speech

  • language acquisition

  • developing productive workspaces



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